Spy Mini Car Camera


1 Year Warranty

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•   Cash on Delivery Available

•   Warranty : 1 Year

•   Shipping : In 2 Working Days

•   Delivery Charges : Rs. 200

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Spy Mini Car Camera

This spy mini car camera is a HD hidden camera and also acts the task of a normal pen. It is a great gadget to record video with high picture quality.

Switch on: In switched off mode, press the function key for few seconds to switch on the Car Mini DV. After the double light appears for2 seconds, the appliance will be in standby mode

  • If it is without memory card, the appliance will shine two times.
  • If there is no space in the memory card, the appliance will be burning.
  • In one of the above conditions, the appliance will be power off after one minute.

Voice-video: In standby mode the appliance starts to video record for three minutes when the loudness of outside is louder than 65db, then it saves the file and comes to stand by. When the loudness outside is louder than 65db again, it repeats one. Camera: In standby mode, the appliance starts working after pressing the function key. Double lights are off and to be on again, it saves a JPG file at the same time.